Cloud Hosted Intercom Solution for Single Homes and Apartments

Cloud Hosted Intercoms connect to the Internet to deliver intercom calls on Mobiles, Tablets, Video Monitors etc. Users can see visitors on their phones and open the door by a click.

Internet connectivity is a very important for Cloud Intercoms to work i.e. The Gate or Door unit needs to access the internet so it can forward calls to user mobiles when visitors press the call button. For applications where it is difficult to connect the gate unit to internet because of cabling restrictions, we offer industrial 3G/4G Gateways which can be installed in the cavity of the gate intercom to allow internet access to the Gate Intercom unit via 3G/4G mobile internet.

For mobile users to receive intercom calls on mobiles, they need to install the Smart intercom app and keep it running in the background with mobile internet service enabled to receive video calls on their mobiles.

Cloud hosted solutions are cost effective and eliminate the need for unnecessary cabling and hardware. Cloud hosted intercoms are particularly useful for Single Home or Apartment applications where existing cables are no longer working or for installations where running cables is too expensive or not feasible.

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