IP Intercoms, Key Less Entry & CCTV Solutions for Luxury Homes & Offices

2N IP Intercoms – Smart Security Solutions to meet the growing requirements of modern homes.

As a leading supplier of 2N IP Security Intercoms, Keyless Entry  and CCTV systems for Luxury Housing market since 2008 we have provided solutions to hundreds of dwellings in Australia and New Zealand ranging from Houses to Apartment Buildings and Residential Estates.

2N IP Intercoms and IP CCTV solutions work on the common network cable eliminating the need for special cabling, this not only reduces costs but also ensures quick and easy installation.

We provide solutions for Homes and Apartments in the following categories.

IP Intercoms with integrated Access Control
Intercoms and Access Control Systems are the front line in home security, we offer 2N IP Intercoms one of the worlds most advanced and reliable systems to protect your family and secure access to your property.
Enhanced security with convenience – 2N IP Intercoms integrate Access control with Keypad, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth for convenience.
Support snapshot / video recording of visitor images  with option to forward to email.
Integrate 3rd party devices – Integrate IPhone, IPad, Android tablets, IP Video Phones, Cordless , Wall mount Panels, Softphones, etc.
Elevator / Gate Control – Integrate with Elevator / Gate and Garage control systems for greater convenience and security.
Enhanced weather protection – Our IP69 rated anti vandal intercom stations have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions in Australia.

Integration of Intercoms with Phone Lines
Integration of Intercom with Telephone lines allows dual use of devices – you can answer and make Intercom and Telephone calls from the same device unlike traditional intercom systems where Intercom and Telephone systems were separate units. This reduces extra hardware, cabling and installation costs and enables intercom calls to be forwarded to mobiles.

Keyless Entry Solutions

There are many different types of security and locking devices commonly used in homes and Offices. However, in recent times, the use of key-less entry locks have become very popular due to their use of biotechnology and wireless connectivity.

A lot of home and business owners these days want something that is truly reliable when it comes to securing their properties. Key-less entry locks offer multiple modes of operation Keypad , Biometric fingerprint, Bluetooth/ Zwave / Zigbee wireless functionality and also mechanical backup keys just in case.

Our Smart Locks can communicate with the rest of your smart home setup and with your phone regardless of wherever you are.You can easily lock or unlock your doors, check the status of your door lock, set a individualized entry code for a visitor or service provider and receive a text message or email when your door is accessed.

IP CCTV Network Cameras for high quality Surveillance
Superior image quality combined with the ability to work on existing network infrastructure and reduced installation cost makes IP Cameras a must for any modern household. Advantages include remote accessibility, easy installation and integration, better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Real-time– SIP Cameras can call phones or send alerts when alarm is triggered thereby enabling users to see and hear in real-time.
Remote Access – Remotely access your cameras/ recorder from anywhere in the world from mobile, tablet or PC.
H.265 Cameras –  Next Generation H.265 based Indoor and Outdoor models with MIC, speaker, Digital input / output etc. all PoE enabled for easy installation.

For more information on IP Intercom and IP CCTV Solutions or to witness a demonstration, please call us on 1300169848 or email us at info@advancenetsol.com

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