Emergency Call & Announcement Solutions for Mines & factories

Integrated Emergency Call and Announcement solution for Mine sites and Factories

Potential safety and security issues are encountered daily by those working in an industrial environment. From heavy-duty machinery, extreme temperatures, vandalism or theft, the dangers are endless. To ensure the safety of workers in such conditions, it is essential to have a comprehensive and dependable communications and security system. Our Integrated IP Communications and Safety solution featuring Emergency Intercom, Public Address, WLAN and CCTV  systems provides reliable and flexible communications even in the harshest environments.

Safety is the number one priority at mine sites and factories. A simple accident can rapidly become a critical emergency thus increasing the importance of access to immediate help. Our Solutions are highly effective and can be customized to suit any specific requirements in order to ensure maximum safety and security for all individuals on site.

We offer solutions to the Mining and Industrial sector in the following areas

Emergency / Safety Intercom Systems - Ensuring the security of goods and machinery is made simple with vandal and weather resistant intercoms which provide protection against intruders and manage access to secure areas, gates or doors for authorized persons.

Public Announcement Systems - The public address system will ensure orderly evacuation and information notification to the entire site and as a result enhance the safety and confidence for those working in such temperamental conditions.

CCTV Systems - SIP enabled cameras with 2 way Voice and Video offer complete visibility of the site and can be integrated with IP Phone systems for effective co-ordination and management of events.

Wireless LAN Systems -Mining operations are like moving cities, mine sites change and grow. Hence, fixed communications networks are not feasible – the communication networks on mine sites need to be mobile and easily redeployed.Wireless LAN  networks fit mining requirements, due to their redundancy, scalability and ease of re-deployment. Our WLAN solutions offer Robust design and coverage with high speed links for real-time streaming of Data, Voice and Video applications.

For more information or to witness a demonstration of our Mining and  Industrial Solutions, please contact us on 1300169848 or email us at info@advancenetsol.com

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