NBN Ready MyPBX IP Phone System for Small & Medium Business

NBN ready MyPBX IP Phone System for Small and Medium Business

As specialists in IP communications we are pleased to offer MyPBX IP Phone system a world leading Telephone System for Small and Medium Business. MyPBX IP Phone system is NBN ready to ensure your business reaps the full benefits of the NBN network through increased performance and productivity whilst reducing costs.

NBN ready My PBX IP Phone System will ensure your investment is protected and ready to take on future challenges for years to come.

All in one IP Phone & PA System
MyPBX IP Phone system is modular so you can start with a entry level system and upgrade as your business grows, the system offers all the functionality and flexibility of High end systems at an affordable price. MyPBX IP Phone System is Flexible, Adaptable and Expandable based on customer needs and offers lower installation and operational costs compared to traditional systems
All in one - Integrates PSTN, ISDN, VoIP and GSM in one unit for enhanced performance and savings.
Advanced Features – Voicemail, Voicemail to email, Simultaneous ringing of calls on mobiles, Call forwarding, Remote extensions.                                                                                   Supports Integration with Video Door stations,SIP cameras, legacy phones, etc.
PA Integration– Can integrate public announcement / paging systems for making announcements from telephones.

Besides MyPBX IP Phone System we also offer the following NBN ready Solutions to SMBs

Access Control
Access control systems ensure security and accountability by controlling entry. An IP-based access control system connects directly to the network, eliminating expensive cable runs old analog devices required for connecting to centralized control panels.IP based Access Control systems also use less hardware are cost effective,easy to install and manage.
2 in One solution - besides controlling access you can also record staff attendance and view records remotely.
Centralised Management ensures easy expansion and ability to make changes to the system.
IP Access Control devices come with built in controller so all intelligence is built into the unit, hence there is no single point of failure. In traditional access systems the controller is centralized making it a single point of failure which will bring down the entire system.

Wireless LAN Networks
One of the biggest advantages of Wireless networks for business is they enable staff mobility, employees can move around the work area with their laptops and other devices without losing connection thereby leading to enhanced productivity. Business owners don't need to invest on cabling when a wireless solution can do the job with better flexibility and lower cost.
Business Grade – Dual band High speed wireless network that supports Multimedia applications
Quality of Service - Prioritized service / bandwidth allocation for specific applications / devices / users
High availability - Multi WAN routers support more than one internet connection to ensure internet resources are always available.
Range of Hardware - Ceiling mount, Wall mount, Low profile Wall plate and Outdoor access points

IP CCTV Surveillance
Besides superior image quality the many benefits of using IP based cameras combined with their ability to work on existing network cabling leading to reduced installation costs makes them a must for any business. Other advantages include remote accessibility, easy installation and integration, better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Realtime – SIP cameras can call a phone when alarm is triggered thereby enabling users to see and hear what is happening .
Remote Access – Remotely access your cameras/ recorder from anywhere in the world from mobile, tablet or PC.
H.265 Cameras – Next Generation H.265 based Indoor and Outdoor models with MIC, speaker, Digital input / output etc.

For more information on our NBN ready MyPBX IP Phone System or to witness a demonstration, please call us on 1300169848 or email us at info@advancenetsol.com

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